Thursday, June 28, 2012

BRTC Jasmine Water -- pintsized

Skin type: Normal, sensitive
Skin tone: Light?
Skin undertone: Um, I actually have no idea
Skincare Regime: Day time only.
Coverage: Sheer, Somewhat Buildable
Texture: Thick and Creamy but spreads easily
Shade: for those who are light/fair skinned, but will settle into skin color if you wait long enough (assuming you are not too tan)
Fragrance: Supposedly it smells like jasmine, but I didn't smell anything
Oil-Control: Not sure
Dewy or Matte (finish): Matte
Overall comments: Thumbs if only I could get rid of my flaky nose skin..then my skin would look flawless. Says the BB Cream should whiten, block the sun (SPF30) and is anti-aging. My first BB cream.

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